Wednesday, August 26, 2020

The latest BTS product is a Korean language-learning kit | Music Ally

In March, BTS launched a new video series online called ‘Learn Korean with BTS’ – 30 three-minute lessons teaching their global fanbase how to speak the band’s native language.

Now this has evolved into a physical package developed by the educational arm of Big Hit Entertainment, the band’s management company.

The new product includes four textbooks and a ‘sound pen’ that “lets you hear standard pronunciations when placed on text”, as well as keyboard stickers with the Korean alphabet and a notebook.

The package is aimed at English, Japanese and Spanish-speaking fans, with BTS involved through audio messages of encouragement scattered through the textbooks, and scannable QR codes that launch videos of the group’s members pronouncing words.

The new product is being sold through Big Hit’s Weverse Shop app globally, as well as the official BTS shop in Japan. The price? $79.20. And unsurprisingly, the initial run is already sold out.

Stuart Dredge


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