Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Disclosure turn new album artwork into a Minecraft world | Music Ally

British dance duo Disclosure’s new album ‘Energy’ comes out this Friday (28 August) and it will be accompanied by an ambitious virtual world created using the game Minecraft.

Island Records teamed up with agency Blockworks to create the ‘Energy Minecraft Experience‘ for Disclosure, and it will open up to fans on Friday as the album is released.

Blockworks used nearly 106m blocks to create the world, which includes three underground clubs; the kitchen of Guy Lawrence from the band (well known to fans from their recent ‘Kitchen Mix’ livestreams); and 13 hidden records including remixes of Disclosure tracks in retro-gaming style.

The world will be live on a multiplayer server for a week, after which it will be made available as a downloadable map for players. What’s more, during that live week, the world will evolve to match the environmental themes of the album: from reforestation to ocean repopulation.

It requires the Java edition of Minecraft to play though: the one for Windows, Mac and Linux computers, but not the one for games consoles or mobile devices.

Stuart Dredge


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