Thursday, August 6, 2020

Tencent Music’s TME Live concerts get huge views in China | Music Ally

TME Live is the new “panoramic music live entertainment brand” launched by Tencent Music in March this year. It’s a series of livestreamed concerts with high production quality, performances hyper-focused on fan preferences, and designed to make it easy for fans and artists to interact via mobile.

The 15 shows so far have pulled in more than 100m views on TV, while on social platform Weibo, posts about the shows with TME Live hashtags have generated nearly 8bn engagements.

Weibo stats show enormous interaction for individual TME Live concerts. For example, posts associated with the concert by artist Charlie Zhou have 570m engagements, while those for another, by Eason Chan, have 300m.

An announcement by Tencent Music appeared to suggest that its data indicates that nearly one fifth of Chinese digital music users are willing to pay to watch live performances, so these huge audiences could possibly be converted into significant revenue streams in the future.

Reminder: Tencent Music’s three streaming services in China had 657 million monthly active users in the first quarter of this year. If a fifth of them were willing to pay for livestreams, that’s potentially more than 131 million people.

Joe Sparrow


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