Thursday, August 6, 2020

Report claims TikTok sale price could be up to $30bn | Music Ally

Last month there was speculation that a spun-off TikTok could be worth $50bn. Now it seems Microsoft is likely to be paying rather less for the social app, if it manages to acquire it.

“Microsoft could buy TikTok for as much as $30bn,” reported CNBC yesterday, although it added that the deal could be for as little as $10bn. “If the deal goes through, Microsoft has already agreed with the US government to bring TikTok’s code from China to the US within one year,” claimed its report.

In other TikTok news, the company has announced some changes to “combat misinformation, disinformation, and other content that may be designed to disrupt the 2020 election” in the US.

This includes banning “synthetic or manipulated content that misleads users by distorting the truth of events in a way that could cause harm” – malicious ‘deepfakes’ – as well as expanding its fact-checking partnerships and adding an option to report posts for ‘election misinformation’.

Stuart Dredge


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