Friday, August 14, 2020

Spotify launches a website for Billie Eilish’s ‘My Future’ | Music Ally

Billie Eilish’s latest single ‘My Future’ has been streamed nearly 42m times on Spotify at the time of writing. That figure may be boosted by the latest marketing partnership between the artist and streaming service: a website called ‘A Letter to Your Future Self‘.

It encourages fans to “write a letter and send it to the stars. It will come back to you in the future”. That means typing a message, signing it and then choosing a return date up to two years’ away, at which point it will be delivered to your chosen email address.

“While your Letter is private on this website, some of us at Spotify will be reading these Letters – don’t submit any illegal, derogatory, defamatory, offensive or hateful content. We’re not interested,” explain the terms. “You acknowledge that your submission of the Letter is for Spotify’s marketing purposes.”

A FAQ adds more detail on that. “A few special fans may be contacted by Spotify to have their letters featured on Spotify and Billie’s social channels. Letters will not be shared publicly without the author’s permission.”

Stuart Dredge


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