Monday, August 10, 2020

Simon Fuller will launch his next pop group… with TikTok | Music Ally

Entertainment mogul and ‘Idol’ founder Simon Fuller has been busy with his multi-national pop band Now United in recent years, but now he’s got a new project on the go.

It’s a partnership with TikTok to put a new group together. The press release doesn’t have many details other than the promise of an “in-app audition process on TikTok”, and the focus on “extraordinary undiscovered artists”.

With a growing number of TikTok stars having signed label deals in recent months, it’s fair to say there’ll be plenty of interest in the project. Cue super-bullish canned quotes!

“With the help of the TikTok audience, I will bring together a line-up of incredible artists to shape the next level of pop fandom,” said Fuller.

“Together with Simon Fuller, we have the opportunity to find the next stars, many of whom are on TikTok today, and empower them to become a cultural phenomenon,” said TikTok CEO Kevin Mayer.

Stuart Dredge


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