Friday, August 7, 2020

Latest Bandcamp Friday looks to build on $75m sales so far | Music Ally

Independent artists and labels have sold $75m of music and merchandise so far on the ‘Bandcamp Friday’ series of sale days, during which the D2C platform waives its revenue share.

Today’s the latest one, as part of Bandcamp’s decision to repeat the sale on the first Friday of every month – complete with an ‘Is It Bandcamp Friday?‘ website to help people in different timezones know if the sale is still on.

As ever, it’s a marvellous chance to fling some money at independent artists you love, and also to take a punt on some emerging acts who might be up your street.

This Twitter thread, which started with a request by industry journalist Cherie Hu for “left-of-field, genre-bending Bandcamp Day recommendations”, is a good place to start on the latter front:

Stuart Dredge


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