Monday, August 10, 2020

How To Grow Your Music Career (Even During A Pandemic) | Music Think Tank

Wait, isn’t the world on halt? Hasn’t 2020 been a year of failure and pullbacks? 

While this year has been disappointing, there are two types of people responding to the coronavirus. Some are pouting and being affected heavily, while others are adapting and doing better than they ever have. Here’s how you can continue to scale your music career – even if your gigs, shows, and sources of income are non-existent at the moment.

Overhaul Your Marketing 

You won’t be successful in the industry if you don’t have the business and marketing side of music down. There’s a load of things to learn and build, so now is the time to take the plunge! Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube advertising are great tools that you can build out. Read up on marketing funnels, pixels, ad copy, and how to structure a campaign.

 Revamping your social pages and website are important to. It’s time to commit to staying connected to your fans and listeners by constantly posting on social media and interacting with that audience. Do live videos or take a poll of what people want you to do. This could be the chance to develop new merchandise, make new content, and be intentional with your fan base.

Write, Record, Produce

You’ll never have this much free time ever again! As a creative, you need to engage in writing and making music. Many artists like Taylor Swift and Childish Gambino are leaning into the depravity of the Covid-19 and they’re producing incredible albums. People also have more time to listen and engage with music, so use this opportunity to give them something new while they’re in quarantine.

If you’re having trouble fleshing out an entire album, at least work on singles. At minimum, start inputting your ideas into your DAW and practice production. There are tons of resources and videos on YouTube to help you start getting better at your craft. Adapt with the times or be left behind.

Make Money & Save Money

While it can be disappointing that live events are cancelled, there are other ways to make money if you adapt with the industry. As a musician you can always fall back on giving lessons to kids. Even if you can’t meet with people in person, zoom music lessons are in and they can help you get by!

If this isn’t enough to get you by, there are other ways to make money. Picking up an odd job here and there won’t kill you and it’s only for a matter of time. If you have to downsize, sell your car, or optimize your budget in other ways, that’s ok. Remember – responding to the virus is important as a musician. How far are you willing to go? A fellow musician friend shared recently how he’s moved into a different apartment in Chicago by using an apartment bidding tool.  

Perhaps this is a little intense for you! But you get the point. Keep your head up, and fight for your career.

We’re living in difficult times. But it’s not about your situation; it’s about responding to it and doing what’s in your power. Think of some of these recommendations and if you can apply them to your music career. It could set you up for a great 2021. And think about it this way – while most musicians are moping around, you’re growing your career.

Author Bio:

Isaiah Ram is a musician, artist, singer-songwriter, and digital marketer from Atlanta, Georgia. He desires to unleash potential in people and in businesses. He’s currently a writer for Lessons in Your Home, and in his free time he serves recovering addicts at Good Landing Recovery. Reach out to Isaiah if you want other ways to adapt your music career during Covid-19.


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