Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Good Splits is a streaming royalty calculator for musicians | Music Ally

A new site called Good Splits is promising to help musicians “quickly and easily calculate royalties from aggregator services”. The idea being that they can not just see how much they’re earning, but also split the revenues between their collaborators with the minimum of spreadsheet-wrangling.

“This app hides complicated accounting math inside a simple UI that lets you scan for the most important info and won’t overwhelm you with extra data,” explains the site, although the actual payments will still have to be done by musicians.

The site is free to use; calculates master splits as well as US mechanical splits, and works with the likes of Tunecore, AWAL, CD Baby, DistroKid, Symphonic and OneRPM on the distribution side. It’s the work of Nashville-based music manager Jordan Mattison and digital agency Coalesce.

Stuart Dredge


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