Wednesday, August 26, 2020

Vevo explores demographic differences in digital video habits | Music Ally

Music videos firm Vevo has published a report called ‘The Anatomy of a Video Experience: a Multicultural Story‘.

It analyses how people are watching video on various devices – TV, mobile and PC – as well as exploring whether there are differences in behaviour between demographics including Asian, Black / African-American, Hispanic / Latino and White viewers.

The report, which was produced with Magna and IPG Media Lab, unsurprisingly includes some findings that play neatly into Vevo’s business model: for example, 60% of each group is receptive to ads while watching music videos.

We’re not quite sure how to feel about some of the demographic-difference conclusions though. Statements like “Informative genres reigns supreme among Asian audiences” and “Black/African-American audiences are more likely to watch music and sports content” are rooted in the data, it’s true.

But as with any generalised findings from a survey, they don’t tell the whole story about the range of behaviours within those demographic groups. It’s not an argument against Vevo’s report, as such, but rather an argument for reading the whole thing, and keeping an open mind about the takeaways.

Stuart Dredge


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