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Certain Songs #1882: The Replacements – “Go (Maxwell’s, 1986)” | Medialoper

Album: Live at Maxwell’s 1986
Year: 1986

Let’s pour one last one out for Bob Stinson, shall we?

His unique style of guitar was a key part of the sound of the Twin/Tone Replacements, and there are those who feel like the band was never the same after he left, which was technically true, though — as you will see — I’m not one of those who think Bob’s dismissal killed them. And while he was barely there for the recording of Tim, and tossed after the demoing for Please to Meet Me had already commenced — I’ll be interested in how those demos sound, though I recall hearing him on “Valentine” on a bootleg and enjoying it — one of the cool things about Live At Maxwell’s is just how present he is.

And that’s throughout the concert, as at the end, the ‘Mats pull out a couple of songs from Stink, “Fuck School” and Paul’s plead to a woman to leave a bad relationship, “Go.”

On Stink, “Go” was a real outlier, a moody slow one amidst all of those hardcore songs, but at the end of a set that alternated speedy punk songs, moody slow ones and flat-out anthems, it made a lot of sense as a chillout song after all of the covers. (Which they then follow with “Fuck School,” because of course they did.)

You’re about to leave him now
Heard it all before
Suppose me to believe it now

While you can
While you can

And Bob is completely on point here, his guitar shouting harmonies and whirling warnings throughout. And his synergy with Paul was amazing: if Paul was quiet and contemplative, so was Bob, but the second Paul started getting more and more emotional, screaming “goooooooo!” Bob’s guitar was right there, getting ever more intense, until at the end when they both just collapse.

“Go (Maxwells, 1986)”

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