Wednesday, August 19, 2020

BTS fanfic meets mobile games as Netmarble preps BTS Universe Story | Music Ally

Netmarble is the South Korean company that launched the BTS World mobile game in June 2019, offering the BTS Army the chance to play manager to the K-Pop stars – complete with an original soundtrack album.

The game topped app store charts in 25 countries immediately after its release, and by the first quarter of this year Netmarble’s financials revealed it was 2% of the company’s sales, meaning that the game made around $9m that quarter.

Now Netmarble is working on a second BTS mobile game: BTS Universe Story. Due for release later this year, it’s an intriguing blend of gaming and fan-fiction.

Its main feature is a ‘Create Story’ mode where fans can use the app’s production tools to write and share stories about BTS, with a ‘Play Story’ mode to explore those made by other players and the development team.

Netmarble has opened pre-registration for the game ahead of its release, and has also launched a ‘writer recruitment’ drive to sign up some fans to get early access to the story-creation tools, ensuring the game launches with lots of content.

Stuart Dredge


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