Thursday, August 27, 2020

Apple Music ‘Kids and Family’ listening doubled in four weeks | Music Ally

Spotify may have a separate app for kids, but it’s far from the only music streaming service to be thinking about how children and their families listen.

Apple Music, for example, said yesterday that its ‘Kids and Family‘ content has seen listening grow by 105% in the last four weeks alone. Now it’s giving that section of its service a revamp to capitalise on this, including plenty of new playlists.

We’re enjoying the new country-themed ‘Yeehaw‘ and piratical ‘Ahoy Matey!‘ playlists, already (apart from our inner pedant complaining that ‘Baby Shark’, which is the top track in the latter is not, in fact, about pirates).

Apple Music has also launched a new group of playlists under the brand ‘Fun!’ – ‘Kids Fit Fun!’, ‘Playdate Fun!’ and ‘ABC Fun!’ are among the new additions to its Kids and Family hub.

Stuart Dredge


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