Thursday, August 27, 2020

Tidal makes social VR move with $7m investment in Sensorium | Music Ally

It seems to be the week for music streaming to meet virtual reality startups. VR firm MelodyVR announced plans to acquire Napster, and now Tidal is making an investment in VR company Sensorium Corporation.

It’s not a traditional deal though: Tidal has bought $7m in tokens issued by Sensorium – yes, that’s Music Ally’s blockchain klaxon you can hear wailing away: read more about ‘Senso Tokens’ here – as part of its Sensorium Galaxy social VR platform.

Due to launch next February, it’ll be a virtual world with an emphasis on music, dance and hanging out in VR nightclubs.

“Our relationship with Sensorium provides Tidal with the opportunity to gain exclusive rights for its stellar artist roster to have their shows and music broadcast exclusively within Sensorium’s themed virtual entertainment worlds,” said Tidal COO Lior Tibon in a statement.

We’re not sure which artists count as Tidal’s “roster” for this exclusivity though.

Stuart Dredge


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