Monday, July 27, 2020

Wiley’s antisemitic tweets spark 48-hour Twitter walkout | Music Ally

British artist Wiley had something of a meltdown on social media on Friday and Saturday, posting a series of antisemitic tweets and Instagram videos over a period of several hours.

Eventually his account on Twitter was temporarily suspended and many of the tweets removed, although a number of his posts are still live on Instagram at the time of writing.

Wiley has also been dropped by his long-term manager John Woolf of A-List Management, and also by his label’s distributor ADA.

“While Wiley controls and releases his music through his own label, he has a digital distribution agreement with ADA and we are terminating that agreement,” said the latter in a statement.

Attention is now turning to the social media platforms though. There’s a 48-hour Twitter ‘walkout’ underway as a protest – you can see many of the participants explaining why they’re supporting the campaign here under the #NoSafeSpaceForJewHate hashtag.


Meanwhile, the UK’s home secretary Priti Patel said yesterday that Wiley’s posts “should not have been able to remain on Twitter and Instagram for so long and I have asked them for a full explanation”.

Stuart Dredge


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