Thursday, July 2, 2020

Universal Music Germany signs Italian actor and singer Michele Morrone | Music Business Worldwide

Universal Music Germany, in partnership with Universal Music Poland, has signed breakthrough actor, model and singer, Michele Morrone.

Signed to Berlin’s Polydor / Island Records, Frank Briegmann, CEO & President Central Europe Universal Music and Deutsche Grammophon welcomed the Italian multi-talent to Berlin.

The actor and singer’s hit film, 365 Days, was released in February, followed by its Netflix premiere in June.

The film has been streamed several million times and rose to No.1 in the Netflix charts all over the world.

Morrone’s songs featured in the film have garnered almost 100m combined streams on all audio & video platforms to date.

Hard For Me”and Feel It – from his debut album, Dark Rooms, have also charted worldwide.

Dark Rooms was co-written and produced by Polish production team, Hotel Torino.

Pictured [Left to Right]: Clotilde Zomparelli (Management Michele Morrone), Nora Otto, Frank Engel, Ulf Zick (all Universal Music Germany), Michele Morrone, Max Paproth, Friedrich Kraemer, Leonidas Chantzaras, Frank Briegmann (Universal Music Germany).Music Business Worldwide


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