Monday, July 20, 2020

Ultimate Fighting Championship launches music streaming app | Music Ally

We sometimes use ‘fight’ and ‘battle’ metaphors when talking about the music streaming market. Well, you wouldn’t want to get into a scrap with the latest entrant into that market.

Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) is the popular mixed martial arts organisation, and now it’s launched its own music streaming app: UFC Ultimate Sound. It’s the result of a deal with music firm ACX Music, promising UFC-themed mixes and content from its roster of fighters.

“UFC Ultimate Sound is packed with mixes for every type of workout, party or just for fun – all inspired by UFC and fighters on its roster. Fans can follow UFC fighters and get a taste for their music preferences,” as the announcement put it.

The app is available for Android and for iOS, although the launch is geographically limited so far – with a 14-day free trial before a subscription kicks in.

Stuart Dredge


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