Wednesday, July 8, 2020

UK music firms paying women 27% less than men on average | Music Ally

Eight music companies published their data on gender pay-gaps in their businesses in 2019 last week.

Consultant Vick Bain has been analysing the data (from AEG/O2, Ticketmaster, Live Nation, Warner Music, Spotify, PPL, Sony Music and PPL PRS JV) to draw some conclusions.

“Taking the average figures of all eight companies across the industry, music companies pay their female staff 73p for every £1, that is 27% less than men,” wrote Bain, noting that using the mean average it is 19.3% less.

“72% of all women and 76% of all men receive bonuses, but women only receive 77p for every £1 a man receives in their bonus, or 23% less than men (using the mean it is 43% less). And women work in 51% of the bottom quartile jobs but only 36.5% of the top quartile jobs.”

One bright spot: the new joint venture between collecting societies PPL and PRS, who “paid their female staff nearly 10% more than the men, with women occupying 49% of the top quartile jobs”.

There’s a lot more analysis in Bain’s post, which is relevant well beyond the UK.

Her conclusion, for example: “The statistics reported prove the music industry is still run by men and rewards them considerably more. We can see the vertical hierarchies in every company, we can see the lower pay and far lower bonuses. There is a smattering of PR each time the reports are published but it is not translating into meaningful change.”

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