Thursday, July 2, 2020

Spotify Premium Duo couples’ subscription expands globally | Music Ally

Spotify started testing its Premium Duo subscription plan in March 2019 in five countries: it was a $12.99-a-month Spotify subscription for couples, complete with a ‘Duo Mix’ playlist blending their tastes. It expanded to 14 more countries in Latin America in September last year, but now it’s going more global, launching in 55 markets.

The idea is to tempt couples away from sharing a single subscription – and thus shared recommendations – to having their own accounts, but still with one monthly payment. However, the couple have to live at the same address to be eligible for Premium Duo: if they’re not cohabiting, they can’t sign up for the sub. The plan sits within Spotify’s wider tier of subscription options, from the half-price tier for students to the $14.99-a-month family plan.

Stuart Dredge


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