Friday, July 10, 2020

Penguin Random House reveals its ‘accelerated inclusion plan’ | Music Ally

As the guests on the recent #TheShowMustBePaused edition of the Music Ally TV Show made clear, music companies promising to address a lack of diversity in their businesses is good, but the proof will be in what they actually do to make that happen.

With that in mind, see what book-publishing giant Penguin Random House UK is doing: it announced an “accelerated inclusion plan” yesterday, with some clear targets.

Those include making sure that new hires and acquisitions (the latter meaning book deals – the publishing industry’s equivalent of labels’ signings) must be at a minimum ‘reflective of the UK’s different ethnicities’ by 2023; that the company will publish ethnicity pay gap reports; will hold mandatory exclusivity training for all staff; and will review the advances it pays to authors and its marketing spend to ensure there aren’t disparities based on ethnicity.

There will also be at least one candidate from underrepresented communities on all interview shortlists “where possible”; and inclusive hiring training for recruiting managers.

Stuart Dredge


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