Thursday, July 9, 2020

Livestreaming startup Yoop to open more ‘eSpace’ venues | Music Ally

We wrote about startup Yoop in May, as the latest entrant to 2020’s livestreaming-platform scramble. Its concept was an ‘eSpace’ virtual venue, which artists would be able to play ticketed live performances in.

Now Yoop is expanding its activities: it’s creating eSpace venues in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville and the UK, to complement its existing space in Montreal.

These are physical venues configured for Yoop’s livestreams: the idea being that artists can come in and quickly get a performance up and running that looks and sounds great to people watching online.

Yoop’s model continues to be pay-per-view events, with artists (or other clients – it’s also doing standup comedy and public speaking) able to set their own prices.

It also has a feature where artists can “bring fans virtually on-stage” through digital screens, making concerts more interactive.

Stuart Dredge


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