Thursday, July 9, 2020

SoundCloud takes Insights analytics to its main mobile app | Music Ally

It’s clearly the week for music analytics announcements. YouTube launched its ‘New YouTube Analytics for Artists’ on Tuesday, and now SoundCloud is updating its own data offerings.

In its case, it’s expanding its tools to its mobile app. And no, we don’t mean the SoundCloud Pulse app that’s specifically for creators to check their latest stats. SoundCloud’s analytics will now be available to them in the main SoundCloud mobile app, complementing the existing website dashboard.

It’ll work by accessing the ‘Insights’ tool from an artist’s profile, library or ‘More’ menu, with stats on their total plays by day, week, month and year, as well as data on tracks, listeners and locations.

“For creators that have been using Pulse to access Stats, this means you no longer need to navigate away from the main app to learn about your audience,” explained SoundCloud, adding that the new Insights tool will replace Stats on desktop in the coming months too.

Subscribers to SoundCloud’s Pro Unlimited tier will, as usual, get access to deeper analytics as part of all this.

Eamonn Forde


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