Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Harry Styles reads a ‘sleep story’ for meditation app Calm | Music Ally

“Hello. I’m Harry Styles…” Those four words have set off some social-media excitement overnight, spoken by Styles himself in a promo video for meditation app Calm.

He’s going to be reading one of the ‘sleep stories’ that have been so popular in the app, with the idea being that Harry’s voice will send fans off to sleep at night.

Calm followed up by tweeting a photo of Styles recording his story, which will be released tomorrow (8 July), yielding responses ranging from ‘OH MY GOD’ and ‘WHAT THE F**K I THOUGHT THIS WAS A JOKE’ to ‘DUE TO PERSONAL REASONS I HAVE PASSED AWAY’ and ‘I WANT THIS ETCHED INTO MY BRAIN FOREVER HOLY F**K’ (and a few responses without all-caps and/or enthusiastic swearing).

Hopefully they’ll all get to relax once the story drops.

“One of our most popular tweets ever was a request for @Harry_Styles to read a Sleep Story. It’s finally happening,” explained Calm’s founder Michael Acton Smith.

Styles joins the likes of Leona Lewis and Kelly Rowland in reading sleep stories for Calm, while the company’s music partnerships have included KygoAbove & Beyond and Moby.

Stuart Dredge

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