Tuesday, July 7, 2020

Anti-piracy project The Music Mission reports first findings | Music Ally

In March, anti-piracy firm AudioLock and distributor Label Worx launched a campaign called The Music Mission, to try to shut down paid piracy websites, with backing from dance labels like Defected.

Now the initiative appears to be releasing some findings from its investigations, according to filesharing-focused news site TorrentFreak. Some of those findings are eye-opening.

“One particular pirate store owner conveniently have their own anti-virus software company as well as a music watermarking company. Both good partners to an anti-piracy company,” claimed The Music Mission. No, it’s not naming these companies at this point, for legal reasons.

Another allegation: “Several site owners also run/own record labels – at a glimpse, it appears that music from these labels does not appear to be available through the pirate stores,” claimed the campaign, implying that this may result in a boost for those labels’ chart positions (for example on the key dance-focused download stores) at the expense of rivals.

Some (again, unnamed) professional DJs are also accused of owning piracy sites.

Stuart Dredge

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