Friday, July 10, 2020

‘Contextual intelligence’ startup NumberEight raises $2.3m | Music Ally

We’ve written about UK-based startup NumberEight a few times in the past: for example its Midemlab contest pitch in 2018, and its first funding round later that year.

The company has been working on “contextual intelligence” technology, using various sensors on smartphones to understand what their owners are doing, and then (after anonymising them) to help digital services serve those people accordingly.

“For music-streaming services, this technology could be used, for example, to understand whether someone is at the gym or travelling on a bus, and adapt accordingly – from music recommendations to targeted advertising,” is how we described it in 2018.

Now there’s an update: NumberEight has raised some more funding: $2.3m in a round led by VC firm Nauta Capital. The company is still focusing on music as one of its key use cases.

“The company is currently focused on the $150B Media and Entertainment market – from music streaming and online radio to mobile gaming and advertising,” explained its funding announcement.

Stuart Dredge


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