Friday, July 10, 2020

Ashnikko’s new track has a Beats by Dre and TikTok partnership | Music Ally

Artist Ashnikko’s breakthrough last year was fuelled by TikTok, when her track ‘Stupid’ went viral. Now, for her new track ‘Daisy’ she is prioritising the platform – this time with Apple’s music hardware brand Beats by Dre on board as a marketing partner.

That means a music video with prominent placement for the new PowerbeatsPro headphones, themed around their four colours.

TikTok comes in with a four-week #BeatsDaisyChallenge that starts on Saturday (11 July). In fact, it’s four challenges, one each week based on the four colours, with Ashnikko and Beats to choose the best entries to feature in the final version of the ‘Daisy’ music video.

Here’s an extra piece of trivia for you too: it’s an apt track title for Beats to be working with, as Daisy was the pre-launch codename for the streaming service launched by the company back in 2013. It was rebranded as Beats Music for its launch in early 2014, and after Apple bought Beats later that year, it would become the initial guts of Apple Music.

Eamonn Forde


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