Friday, July 24, 2020

Atari’s new mobile music games series starts with Avicii | Music Ally

Atari is one of the most famous brands of all in the gaming industry, although nowadays it’s making mobile games (among other activities) rather than ruling the world with consoles.

Its latest project is a series of mobile music games under the banner of ‘Beat Legend’. The first, Beat Legend: Avicii, launched for Android and iOS this week.

It’s a music rhythm game set to 15 of the late dance star’s hits, with players guiding a spaceship in time to the music. There’s a trailer here showing how it all works.

The game is bucking the main trend of the mobile gaming world – freemium / in-app purchases – by selling for $2.99 on the app stores, with no further in-game charges.

Atari said that Beat Legend: Avicii is just “the first title in Atari’s planned series of musical-artist-focused rhythm-experience games for mobile devices that will feature a wide range of popular and up-and-coming musical artists across genres”, so expect more to come.

Stuart Dredge


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