Tuesday, July 7, 2020

340k people have watched Sofar Sounds listening room gigs | Music Ally

Putting on concerts in houses and unusual venues has, understandably, not been a goer during the Covid-19 pandemic. Sofar Sounds quickly pivoted to livestreams, launching its ‘listening room‘ earlier this year to broadcast performances online.

Having just put on its 100th livestream, Sofar Sounds has published some stats and lessons. “Overall, 45,000 have viewed the shows live on our website with hundreds tuning in live and thousands more watching on YouTube. Around 340,000 have viewed the listening room videos in total,” explained its blog post.

“One artist, Scarypoolparty from Los Angeles, made $10,000 in donations. The average artist has earned around $500 per show, including the $100 fee from Sofar. Overall, donations direct to artists have reached $38,000.”

Stuart Dredge

[from https://ift.tt/2vCxqPg]

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