Monday, June 29, 2020

The Midnight create a prom playlist generator for all ages | Music Ally

Ninja Tune/Counter Records act The Midnight have a new single out called ‘Prom Night’ and have created a special prom-themed playlist generator for it.

On a dedicated website, users input their name as well as the date (month and year) of when their prom would have been – for non-US readers, this usually happens when you are 17/18 and leaving school – the final month of your secondary education. From that, it generates a 40-track playlist for you, pulling together tracks that appeared in the US top 40 at any point in the month you put into the generator.

It works by pulling in historic chart data from top40weekly·com and then matching it to tracks via Spotify and Apple Music’s APIs. The site also provides a link to pre-order (or pre-save / pre-add on streaming services) The Midnight’s new album, which comes out on 10 July, and sign up to their mailing list. And of course, their own ‘Prom Night’ track features in the playlists generated for users, alongside other The Midnight tracks.

Stuart Dredge


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