Thursday, June 25, 2020

RightsHub reveals data deals with music recognition firms | Music Ally

RightsHub is one of the companies developing technology for managing music rights data and assets. It’s just announced five partnerships with music recognition technology (MRT) companies to help its customers get their music registered with those services.

The five are: Gracenote, DJ Monitor, Soundmouse, BMAT, Yacast. The company says that getting music registered with MRT companies as early as possible will help the process of tracking usage and collecting royalties by collecting societies. A sixth deal has also been announced, with music credits database Jaxsta.

“It’s vital that rights holders take responsibility for registering their rights with MRT companies in the same way as they do with their distributors, CMOs and PROs,” said RightsHub CEO Lee Morrison. “With the correct data, revenue can flow to the rightsholder as it should.”

Stuart Dredge


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