Monday, June 22, 2020

Quincy Jones’ Qwest TV opens up to students for free | Music Ally

Legendary producer Quincy Jones is opening up his Qwest TV educational platform to school pupils and music-college / university students around the world. They’ll have free access to more than 1,000 concerts, documentaries and pieces of archive footage covering the full gamut of genres. P

eople wanting access can pre-register now, with the content to be accessible from September as the new academic year begins.

“Oftentimes, people don’t know who they are because they have no frame of reference. Well, everything is based upon what has happened before us, and if you know where you come from, it’s easier to get where you want to go,” wrote Jones as he announced the plans. “We want each kid and student to be able to freely explore their musical history by rediscovering their roots, both through jazz and beyond. We’ve got to believe that we are multicultural miracles, and we at Qwest TV want all of you to embrace and celebrate that.”

Stuart Dredge


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