Tuesday, June 23, 2020

More commentators weigh in on Apple’s App Store rules | Music Ally

Tonight will see Apple broadcast the keynote for its online-only WWDC event. Normally Music Ally’s main interest would be any updates for Apple Music – subscriber figures and new product features alike – and while that’s still the case, we’ll also be keen to see whether and how Apple addresses the ongoing rumbles of dissent around its App Store rules – including the revenue share it takes from app sales and in-app purchases.

Ahead of the keynote, more tech figures have been weighing in with their opinions. Here are two pieces that will give you a sense of the debate.

Consultancy Asymco’s Horace Dediu is backing Apple, pointing to an (Apple-commissioned) study last week suggesting that its App Store drove $519bn of commerce (from ads and shopping to digital goods and services). “Being on the shelf in the App Store means you operate on the terms of the shelf owner. If the rules are not agreeable then the half trillion dollars of ecosystem activity is testament to the availability of alternatives,” claimed Dediu.

Others aren’t so sure. M.G. Siegler of VC firm GV wrote his own blog post suggesting that “the App Store guidelines and policies were created for the world as it was a decade ago. The world is not as it was a decade ago. Apple should create new guidelines and policies for the world as it is now”.

Stuart Dredge

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