Thursday, June 4, 2020

MMF GM: ‘We need to train people to value online content’ | Music Ally

Jayne Stynes, general manager at management body the MMF, hopes that some of the innovation around livestreams during the Covid-19 pandemic will lead to lasting change.

“At my most optimistic, I would love to believe that what is happening right now will open up a huge cultural shift towards consumers valuing online content beyond its current purpose as promotional material,” she said, during a ‘Brave New World’ Midem conference session published this morning.

“It’s really exciting to see people experimenting with that,” added Stynes, citing Laura Marling’s livestreamed concerts which fans paid to watch, with a limit on the number of tickets available.

“Theres probably something exciting to be explored around scarcity of access. Generally, we just need to train people to value online content, in the way that people pay for pay-per-view sports, and the way that people pay for Audible subscriptions – and that’s one book a month.”

The same session saw Hannah Overton, MD Europe for Secretly Group, hail artists’ creativity during the lockdown. “The real winners from this are going to be those artists who can use the constraints around the creativity to create something original and positive,” she said, citing Charli XCX’s ‘How I’m Feeling Now’ lockdown album. “She’s used the times in a unique way, and I think that’s what artists need to do: they need to use the constraints to increase their creativity and originality.” You can watch the full session on Midem’s website.


Image by Justin Higuchi (CC BY 2.0)

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