Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Mass a-peel: ‘Banana’ track gets a bunch of TikTok plays | Music Ally

There have been some excellent bananas in music: Andy Warhol’s artwork for the Velvet Underground & Nico; Bananarama; Melt-Banana… Can Conkarah feat. Shaggy’s single ‘Banana’ follow in their footsteps? It’s already a bona-fide TikTok sensation.

The track is based around Harry Belafonte’s 1956 hit ‘Banana Boat (Day-O)’, and comes with a #BananaDrop challenge based around dropping your sunglasses onto your eyes in time to the song.

According to the challenge’s official tag page on TikTok, videos using its hashtag have been watched more than 1bn times on the social app, while the song’s page on TikTok reveals that 13.7m videos have been created using it so far. The song is already tearing up the charts in various countries as a result. The main track already has 5.6m plays on Spotify, while a ‘Minisiren’ remix has another 5.3m plays.

Stuart Dredge

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