Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Japan hopes livestreams can make up for Covid-19 live hit | Music Ally

Japan’s music industry may have taken a 330bn Yen hit (around $3.06bn) from 150,000 concerts cancelled in the country this year, according to the Pia Research Institute.

That’s the claim made in an good piece by the Nikkei Asian Review outlining the impact that Covid-19 has had in the world’s second biggest (recorded) music market, and some of the hopes there that livestreaming gigs can plug at least some of the hole in revenue. That 330bn Yen, by the way, would be almost as much as all ticket sales (345bn Yen) in Japan in 2018.

The optimistic notes in the article come from companies including Dwango, which attracted more than 200,000 viewers for a series of classical music concerts livestreamed on its Niconico site in March; startup Showroom, which says it’s been breaking its audience records in the past month; and Unitive, a direct-to-fans app where artists can stream live to fans, who subscribe to their community.


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