Thursday, June 25, 2020

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How To Improve Your Musical Talents

Not everyone is gifted with musical talent, but even for those with a natural affinity for music music hone these skills in order to maximize their ability. In this piece we lay some key ways in which artists can improve upon their existing musical skills.

In this latest piece on MusicThinkTank, contributor Kevin Gardner outlines some important ways in which musicians can improve upon their musical abilities.

“Proper technical execution matters a lot and entails a great deal of practice. Know what to play. You can easily download tablatures, chord diagrams and sheet music from the internet. Know what you can play and practice how to play it perfectly.

Others may prefer transcribing songs using their ear. This is perfect to practice and develops ear training. As you listen to the sound, you will develop the technique of judging the good versus the bad. It’s like a problem-solving technique where you develop secrets on how to do it perfectly.”

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