Thursday, June 25, 2020

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Amplify Your New Release With Marquee

Learn more about our latest tool for promoting new releases, currently in beta in the United States and Canada.

Dropping a new album is a chance to engage audiences and draw them in on a deeper level. That’s why we launched Marquee — a new, commercial tool that helps listeners connect with new music and become its biggest fans. Since launching in beta last fall, artist teams, labels, and licensors have used Marquee to deepen engagement during release week and beyond. We’ve seen Marquee drive success for new releases from artists such as Georgia, Cold War Kids, and The Weeknd.

On our new site, you’ll find more details on how Marquee is helping amplify artists’ new albums and EPs. Here’s more information about the Marquee beta:

How it works

Marquee reaches listeners when and where it matters: During release week, it appears on the mobile Home screen as a full-screen, sponsored recommendation to Premium and Free users who’ve shown interest in the artist’s music and have the potential to listen more. After each campaign, we report how listeners engaged with the new release after seeing a Marquee.

What results we’re seeing

When audiences see a Marquee, it draws their attention to your album. Marquee’s attention-grabbing format is driving high levels of engagement — we’re seeing that on average, more than 20% of people who see a Marquee stream the promoted release within two weeks.

And thanks to Marquee, listeners are diving deeper into the artist repertoire — exploring the artist’s page, connecting with the catalog, and becoming bigger fans:

Marquee can inspire fandom by leading listeners to take actions that matter long-term: Our research shows that saves and playlists adds correlate with a 250% increase in streaming of that artist six months later. That’s why after each Marquee campaign, we report on the “intent rate” — the percentage of listeners who saw a Marquee and either saved or playlisted one track from the promoted release.

How to connect with us

For more on Marquee, including how DRAMA used the tool to grow their fanbase, check out our new site, which we’ll update as we continue to add new features and options. We also started a new LinkedIn page with details on our tools for music marketers — as we continue to improve Marquee, we’re excited to share more updates, so follow along. If you’re interested in using the Marquee beta to promote a new album or EP, submit your information here.

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