Thursday, June 25, 2020

Fair Trade Of Music campaign aims to support US musicians | Music Ally

A coalition of US music industry organisations has launched a campaign called Fair Trade of Music, banging the drum for American musicians to be paid what it sees as their rightful royalties for usage of their music abroad.

“Many countries deny some non-native music creators royalties for the use of their work even though royalties are otherwise paid to artists who are nationals of those countries,” claims the campaign, which is backed by SoundExchange, A2IM, the Future of Music Coalition, MMF US and the Recording Academy among other bodies.

“As a result of this discrimination, music creators lose hundreds of millions of dollars every year. Annual losses to U.S. creators alone total more than $330 million globally. That’s a lot of lost royalty payments.”

There’s an immediate goal here too: to ensure that “national treatment” provisions are included in any free trade agreement between the US and UK, to be negotiated following the latter’s exit from the European Union. To that end, the organisations have already written to the United States Trade Representative pressing their case.

Stuart Dredge


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