Thursday, June 4, 2020

‘Equality in Audio Pact’ challenges companies to change | Music Ally

Last October, we reported on the latest podcasting joint venture by Sony Music: British company Broccoli Content, led by producer Renay Richardson. Its shows include ‘Anthems’, ‘Money 101’ and ‘Your Broccoli Weekly’, with a mission to tackle “the lack of opportunities for minority talent both in front and behind the mic”.

Now the company has launched an initiative called the ‘Equality in Audio Pact‘, encouraging other audio production companies to sign up to five actions. They are: paying interns; hiring LGBTQIA+, black people, people of colour and other minorities for projects that aren’t just related to their identity; releasing race pay gap data at the same time as gender pay gap data, if they release the latter; no longer taking part in panels that are “not representative of the cities, towns, and industries they take place in”; and being “transparent about who works for your company, as well as their role, position and permanency”.

More than 60 companies have so far signed up, and while the emphasis is on podcast and radio production companies, the pledges are relevant to music companies too.


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Stuart Dredge


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