Monday, June 22, 2020

DanceFight gets people to challenge friends to dance battles | Music Ally

The search for ‘the next TikTok’ is – spoiler alert – going to turn up a LOT of apps that are not, in fact, the next TikTok. Which is to say, there’s an explosion in experimentation around short-form social video, often with music too, but many of these apps will struggle to cut through the noise on the intensely competitive app stores, and if they do show promise, many will be vulnerable to the bigger players (like TikTok) simply adding their USP as a feature.

Still, this makes them worth reporting on: a fertile pool of ideas that might at least be incorporated into bigger apps in the future. With that in mind, meet DanceFight. It’s an app based around dancing challenges: “Challenge a friend to a dance-off. Vote on your favourites. Climb the leaderboard,” as the blurb puts it. People choose a song – we’ll be keen as ever to see where the music comes from and what the licensing situation is – record themselves dancing to it, and then challenge friends to do better. With hashtagged dance challenges already a big part of TikTok, Triller and larger apps like Instagram, it’s unclear whether there’s a market gap here, but let’s see if DanceFight can get some traction.

Stuart Dredge


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