Tuesday, June 9, 2020

Australia and Germany’s plans to rebuild live music business | Music Ally

The easing of lockdown restrictions on music concerts has begun in some countries, but others are still looking ahead and making plans for what’s needed when this happens in the future.

Australian live-industry body Live Performance Australia published its AU$345m plan to rebuild the ‘restart’ of the live performances industry – not just music, but theatres, arts festivals and other kinds of event too.

You can read the breakdown of the plan here: it might be useful for anyone putting together similar ideas elsewhere in the world. Note, it’s just a plan: it will be up to the Australian government to accept or reject it now.

In Germany, though, there are some new concrete measures: €150m coming to the live music industry specifically as part of the wider ‘Neustart Kultur’ programme. Venues, promoters and agents will be among the companies that can benefit from the programme, as the industry begins to open up again there.

Stuart Dredge

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