Wednesday, June 17, 2020

AI music startup Aiva raises €1.5m funding from NetEase | Music Ally

It’s been a little while since we last wrote about Luxembourg-based startup Aiva and its software for creating music using artificial intelligence (AI) technology. We covered its pitch in the 2018 Midemlab startups contest, when COO Vincent Barreau explained how its system had been trained on scores written by Bach, Mozart, Beethoven and other composers. It was also the first musical AI to be recognised as a composer by a collecting society – Sacem.

Now there’s some news on Aiva: it has raised €1.5m of funding from Chinese tech company NetEase (the parent firm of streaming service NetEase Cloud Music). “We started discussions with NetEase in December 2019. Their teams contacted us to discuss a collaboration for one of their new products in China and coincidentally, the discussion led to them investing in our company,” CEO Pierre Barreau told tech industry site Tech·eu.

Note, in January 2019, NetEase’s rival Tencent announced a partnership with another AI-music startup, Amper Music, so there’s something interesting bubbling around this technology in China: also note that in September 2018, Aiva’s AI created an entire album of Chinese music, which the company released on streaming services.


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