Monday, May 4, 2020

New Smart Audio Report explores Covid-19 smart speaker habits | Music Ally

US radio group NPR and research firm Edison Research have published their latest Smart Audio Report, which usually has plenty of interesting data on digital listening habits in the US. The new edition, for spring 2020, has added interest because it’s been asking people how Covid-19 and its accompanying lockdown has changed those habits.

26% of respondents are currently working from home AND say their routine has changed due to Covid-19. That is having an impact on their listening behaviours and plans. For example, 36% of smart speaker owners say they are using their device to listen to music and entertainment more than before the pandemic – 55% said the same amount, and 9% said less. 71% of people who own smart speakers and have children are planning to buy another of these devices – that compares to 47% a year ago.

There are updates on more general smart speaker stats too. The study reckons that 24% of American adults now own a smart speaker: around 60 million people, up from 53 million a year ago. Music is still the most popular use too: in a typical week, 85% of smart speaker owners say they play music on their device – ahead of getting the weather (74%); setting timers or alarms (65%); and checking the time (62%). Somebody write the ‘smart speakers are clock killers’ hot take! Just don’t tell Flavor Flav…


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