Thursday, May 7, 2020

Garth Brooks to get his own tile in Words With Friends 2 | Music Ally

Well, the partnership is more than just a tile, but given Garth Brooks’ status as an “avid Words With Friends player” we suspect he’s pretty proud of that achievement.

The partnership with games firm Zynga is actually part of Brooks’ longstanding relationship with Amazon. “Under the arrangement, Brooks will promote Words With Friends with original broadcasts and specialised in-game activations,” announced Zynga yesterday. “[Amazon] Prime members will also be able to unlock a new Garth Brooks-themed tile style in Words With Friends 2 in the future.”

Brooks has been working with Zynga since a campaign for the tenth anniversary of its popular Scrabble-like game franchise in May 2019. Brooks also announced the new partnership in a video on his social media profiles

Stuart Dredge


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