Monday, April 27, 2020

Report: UK physical music sales halved during Covid-19 crisis | Music Ally

It’s hardly a surprise that physical music sales have taken a big hit during the Covid-19 pandemic, through a mixture of physical stores being closed, and Amazon prioritising other products for its online store.

Now the Financial Times has been talking to some companies in the UK to quantify the decline, suggesting that “sales of vinyl records and CDs in the UK have halved during the coronavirus pandemic” – this appears to be partly based on figures from physical distributor Proper Music, whose shipments halved to around 15k items a day. As retailers have eased their prioritisation of essential products, sales have returned to around 70% of the usual volume.

Also worth reading this morning on lockdown trends is a post from Midia Research suggesting that there has been a “Covid bounce” for independent artists. That’s something backed up by Cooking Vinyl boss Martin Goldschmidt’s comments in an online panel last week: “We’re seeing that as a lot of the big hitters are pulling their releases, radio are desperate for things to play, the media’s desperate for things to review, so it does create some opportunity for certain types of artists,” he said.


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