Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Report: TikTok app added 5.6m US users in March alone | Music Ally

It won’t come as a big surprise to learn that TikTok is one of the digital services benefitting from the Covid-19 lockdown – in usage, if not necessarily in revenues.

According to eMarketer, in March TikTok added more than 12 million unique visitors in the US alone. Wait: ‘visitors’? These are based on figures from comScore, which measures traffic to TikTok’s website as well as to its app.

The company reckons that in March 2020, the website had 52.2 million unique visitors in the US, while the app had 28.8 million. Clearly the latter is the more important figure: it was up by 5.6 million from February’s figure. What’s more, those users averaged 858 minutes of time in the app in March, up from 731.6 minutes in February.

eMarketer’s report on all this notes the results of another survey, by CivicScience, which found that 27% of respondents in the US said they were using TikTok in April 2020, up from 19% in January.


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