Wednesday, April 29, 2020

Impala publishes 10-step ‘recovery roadmap’ for music in Europe | Music Ally

European indie body Impala has published its latest thoughts on the Covid-19 pandemic’s impact on the music industry. It’s a ten-step ‘recovery roadmap’ that sets out what it would like to see governments across the European Union doing in the coming months.

Immediate steps that Impala would like to see include EU states recognising music and culture as priority sectors; coordinating plans for ‘de-confinement’ including ensuring that record stores are “part of the first wave of shops re-opening as long as they respect social distancing”; and increasing the allocation for culture in the future EU budget.

Further out, Impala wants EU states to implement the European Copyright Directive by September at the latest (and ideally by the end of July), and what’s more to “stick to the EU’s text (i.e. without adding layers of new rights to negotiate directly with platforms or new exceptions as they would cut across the business of monetisation”. After that, Impala is keen for the EU to put more work into tools that will “value music and culture properly”, including “intangible assets like copyright”.


Image by Olga Visavi / Shutterstock

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