Friday, April 24, 2020

NOLA MusicTech Goes Online Next Week | Hypebot

NOLA MusicTech Goes Online Next Week

SF MusicTech conference founder Brian Zisk is taking his new baby NOLA Music Tech online next week.

No stranger to the fast pivot, Zisk moved what was intended to be the same intimate, useful and powerful program that he built in San Franciso from the streets of New Orleans to the interwebs.

On Wednesday, April 29th NOLA MusicTech will bring together leaders in the evolving music/business/technology ecosystem, along with entrepreneurs, investors, musicians, journalists, developers, service providers, and organizations who work with them at the convergence of culture and commerce.

Since NOLA is nothing without a drink in your hand, I’m hoping that Zisk has a happy hour planned.

I’m waiting to hear back on that, but I do know is that industry thought leaders who I seldom see at conferences like David Macias of Thirty Tigers, Bryan Calhoun of Maverick/Blueprint and Andrew Jervis, Director of Artists and Labels at Bandcamp are among a distinguished group of panelists.

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