Friday, April 24, 2020

Out Today by The Orchard: GOT7, Brendan Benson, & More! | The Daily Rind

Out Today by The Orchard: GOT7, Brendan Benson, & More!

By Shannon Silver April 24, 2020

Friday is here again and you know what that means — The Orchard is giving you hot new music across genres. On this week’s Out Today, we give you new releases from K-pop group GOT7, Brooklynite and rising R&B singer Zsela, and the debut solo release from The Raconteurs co-frontman, Brendan Benson. 

GOT7 – DYE (JYP Entertainment) 

Seven piece K-pop group GOT7 (JYP Entertainment) was the first Korean act to chart on Billboard’s Artist Hot 100 ranked at 45 in 2016. In January 2019, they released a Japanese EP which debuted at number one on the Oricon chart. Now, GOT7 is back with their latest six-track  EP, DYE. Their latest EP  takes a look at the emotions of love in a diverse way. In their song “NOT BY THE MOON,” they sing “Don’t promise the eternal love to the moon since it keeps changing the shape.” Get right in all your feels with DYE, out now on all streaming platforms. 

Brendan Benson – Dear Life (Third Man Records)

A Nashville native, a songwriter, a father and a Raconteur, Brendan Benson is a lot of things and after one listen to his newest album Dear Life, you can certainly add “talented” to the list. His first solo project in seven years, Brendan has spent most of his career producing and writing for other performers and bands of which he was a member. Now, less than a year after The Raconteurs made their massive return, Brendan is keeping the momentum with his solo works. The Third Man Records release is an uplifting thoughtful record combining Brendan’s rock roots with singer/songwriter stories and pop eccentricities, delivering a sound that is entirely his own. The lyrical context often reflects on the artist’s realizations about his own life, hence “Dear Life.” Most of which is positive, such as the track “Richest Man,” which describes the value in love over monetary wealth. Get ready to sing along with this blissfully introspective collection, Dear Life, out now!

Zsela – Ache of Victory EP (Zsela)

For years, Brooklyn native Zsela (Zsela) kept her musical talent to herself, her shyness preventing her from sharing her voice and songwriting with friends and peers for most of her youth. About three years ago, Zsela began working with producers and composers and found a sound and persona she could control. After releasing singles such as “Noise” and “Earlier,” Zesla found herself gaining recognition in the art, fashion, and music sphere, performing at the Whitney Museum of American Art, MoMA, and L.A.’s Frieze Art Fair, as well as supporting Cat Power on tour, and opening for Angel Olsen at Brooklyn Steel. Her debut EP Ache of Victory is open to interpretation, the name ‘Ache of Victory’ representing the paradoxes of success. “Victory is stagnant in a way, like OK you won, now what?” she explains. “Will you know success if you don’t struggle, don’t lose? I had to go through this really dark place and get myself out of it in order to do this.” Listen to Ache of Victory, out now.

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