Monday, April 6, 2020

Bandzoogle Members Have Sold $60M Of Music, Merch Commission Free | Hypebot

Bandzoogle Members Have Sold $60M Of Music, Merch Commission Free

Lost in the recent torrent of corona virus-related news, was the very positive announcement that Bandzoogle members have sold more than $60 million in music, merch, and tickets commission-free.

The music website platform has never taken a cut of sales since launching its direct-to-fan eCommerce tools way back in 2010. Last year, Bandzoogle added both a commission-free crowdfunding feature and built-in commission-free fan subscriptions.

“One of our top priorities as a company is to help musicians make more money from their music, and that’s why we’ve never taken a cut of artist sales,” says CEO Stacey Bedford. “We’re so happy that our members have now sold over $60 million worth of music and merch directly to their fans, especially because that money went straight to them.”

“In the current climate with the coronavirus pandemic, we’ll be focusing our efforts on providing even more resources for musicians to help them make money from their music during this challenging time.”

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